Fort Bend Christian Home Schools

Family Information Sheet


The information on this sheet will be used for our membership records and group directory for the FBCHS group.  This information will only be used within our home school group and will not be given to other organizations.  Please return this form with your membership dues of $17.50 to the Treasurer by August 25 to avoid disruption in newsletter delivery.  Deadline for inclusion in the FBCHS Directory is September 15th.  If you join after January 31st, there is a $5.00 discount.  Send cash or checks payable to:


Melanie Kristynik

11221 Reinecke Rd

Wallis, Texas 77485

Phone # 979-478-7156



____ New Member                  ____ Renewing Member


Family Name _________________________ Telephone # ___ /______________


Address ______________________________ City/Zip_____________/________


Subdivision __________________________  Email _______________________


Family Members (include all household members)                 Birthday  /  Grade









This is our _____ year to home school our children. 


Areas in which we might be helpful to others, or have a special interest include:




____ We want our family’s information to be included in the FBCHS directory.


____ We do not want this information to be published in the FBCHS directory.